Thursday, October 29, 2009

World FUll Of SAd EXcuSEs

Hello there....this is my story...
im in love with a person that can make me happy all the time
every time i think of her, but it was in past now.
i hate being so alone now, i wanna be happy n make everyone around m happy
but the more that i try the my feelings hurt..
Love is very beautiful but it will can make us thorn apart every time
we try to be apart of it..
i just the truth for all that happen to me no, why cant she be happy
with me for what i am not for what she want me to be..
im sad being dumped just like that but this is life,
im so sad when seeing u not happy,but it is all my fault..
im so sad seeing u with other man, but that what's make u happy i guess..
im so sad seeing u are with me now, but that is the reality...
im so sad thinking of u not apart of my life now, but u just left...
why cant i prevent all these from happening???
i just want the truth from u even if its hurts me...
i just want the truth from u...